When you start Grape you see the following main window.

There are four tabs at the top of the window "Simple Case", "Mixed Case", "Kinship Analysis" and "Database Operations" that correspond to the different operation modes. Click a tab to enter corresponding mode. The links below contain detailed description of Grape's operation in each of the modes.

Simple Case is a non-mixed case when typically a suspect's genotype should be compared against the genotype of an evidentiary sample.

Mixed Case means that an evidentiary sample can contain DNA of more than one person. Most typical applications are rape cases.

Kinship Analysis is used in various situations like disputed paternity or identification of human remains based on genotypes of relatives.

Database Operations gives you access to embedded Grape's databases. In this mode you can manage databases (for example, add, delete, move or edit records). The same mode provides the capability to compare databases against each other in order to find matches, which could be useful, for example, to:
- identify potential suspects whose DNA match evidence left at crime scenes
- identify victims in cases of mass disasters
- find serial crimes