When performing DNA tests for both forensic and kinship purposes, one of the major problems one runs into is statistical analysis. The use of computers in these cases saves  time and efforts and reduces the possibility of miscalculations or other errors. Moreover in more complex cases it is simply impossible to perform statistical calculations without special statistical programs.

Grape 3.0 is the software that provides “all-in-one” solution for DNA statistical forensic needs. It includes general mixed stains analysis, kinship analysis and embedded database solution. Each part of Grape was designed to be a powerful and easy to use tool and covers most of the problems a forensic expert meets in practice. Grape has very detailed and friendly user interface: we paid special attention to this matter and tried to make it the best available on the market today. Output formatted as HTML text, symbolic output of the used formulae, “band style” genotype input, automatic data import and many other options serve to make Grape the most convenient and powerful integrated solution. Embedded databases provide highly efficient way to organize data, save time and reduce the possibility of human error. No other programs have such possibilities.

Even though Grape is not a freeware program, it is quite cost effective and not expensive (at least 10 time less expensive than similar programs) which makes it affordable for the general forensic community.